Our story is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bolour family, who in 1950 moved to Europe to begin the international expansion of a thriving textile business. By the 1980s we were established in Southern California, where our growth continued to take shape through family investment in value-add commercial real estate, particularly in emerging neighborhoods such as Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and Koreatown.

Today, that real estate business has evolved into a fully integrated investment, development and finance enterprise that brings generations of relationships, a team of collective intelligence and an enduring vision to all of its endeavors.


As a team, we bring together a wide range of experts who are committed to investing in each other, our clients and the communities in which we build.

This multi-faceted expertise, combined with our established relationships in the industry, provide us with unique access to invaluable market information and investment opportunities.

With these resources and with this vision, we continue to write the next chapter of our story every day with the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired the Bolour family decades ago. It motivates us in everything we do and with everyone we connect.

To learn more about our approach to real estate investment, finance and the development projects we are currently working on, read our media highlights. For press inquiries, contact our media relations department.