We provide quick loans in challenging situations.
Market: Thousand Oaks, CA
Loan Amount: $5.8MM
Purpose: Refinance
Sector: Industrial
Term: 24 Months
LTV: 65%
“When an owner-user’s business and real estate loans were put into default, BOLOUR stepped in and helped the sponsor to capitalize on significant long-term property appreciation. The quick close allowed the sponsor to keep its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility running without interruption. BOLOUR understands the unique challenges and responsibilities of owner-users and is standing by to provide financing solutions in a turbulent market.”
Mark Bolour, CEO
Bolour offers competitive, reliable lending in 18 markets across the U.S. and for a broad range of product sectors. Visit bolourassociates.com/lending for more information or contact Clay Goldthwait directly at 323.677.0550 x1 or lending@bolourassociates.com.