Retail is rebounding. Get the funds you need from BOLOUR.

Loan Type: Bridge Financing
Market: 18 U.S. States
Loan Purpose: Refinance, Relocation, Renovation, Expansion
Sector: Retail

“Shoppers are back, but with the prime rate rising many retailers are struggling to secure financing for vital expansion and renovation projects – efforts that need to happen NOW. BOLOUR offers solutions that are faster and more creative than banks, with the added benefit of development expertise to assist our clients as they navigate the build-out process. Whether you’re looking to refinance, relocate, improve or expand, we can help you get you the funds you need!”
Mark Bolour, CEO

Bolour offers competitive, reliable lending in 18 markets across the U.S. and for a broad range of product sectors. Visit for more information or contact Clay Goldthwait directly at 323.677.0550 x1 or