Clay Goldthwait has joined BOLOUR as a Data Analyst, responsible for conducting market analysis and developing financial modeling used to advance BOLOUR’s strategic lending program.

A strong and collaborative operations professional, Clay joins BOLOUR’s fast-growing lending division, now offering bridge loans from $1 to $30 million for a wide range of commercial and residential product types within 18 markets across the U.S.

Prior to joining BOLOUR, Clay served as an Associate for Mandri Capital in Santa Monica, California, and as a licensed Realtor in the state of Massachusetts. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Development, with a minor in Economics, from the University of Southern California.

“During his short tenure at BOLOUR, Clay has a demonstrated his aptitude to conduct thorough research that can be relied on by all of our BOLOUR team members, driving wise investment and development strategies, and maintaining our track record of success. We welcome Clay to BOLOUR’s growing team.”

– Mark Bolour, CEO